Winning Automation Strategies for Optimizing Your Sales Order Processing Environment in SAP®

Originally broadcast on:  Thursday, August 15, 2013

Presenters:  Esker and b2b2dot0

In a perfect world, every customer would send sales orders to their suppliers electronically (if only, right?). The reality is, fax and email orders remain popular delivery modes that create a host of order management issues, affecting both business success and customer satisfaction.

Click the link to the right to view our previously recorded webinar that highlights how automating fax and email orders in the cloud can improve efficiency, visibility and productivity throughout the order lifecycle and beyond!

This presentation shows how the Esker solution and b2b2dot0 work together with SAP® applications to help you:

  • Eliminate manual entry by automatically capturing and prioritizing data
  • Reduce processing time and costs by at least 40%
  • Gain 100% throughput for visibility and control into every order
  • Reduce inbound customer calls and emails to Customer Service
  • Give customers real-time access to their orders and related data

Also, hear a real-world case study about a global manufacturer that leveraged Esker and B2B2dot0 to enhance SAP order fulfillment and customer service.


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