Software as a service.
More value.
Support 2.0

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is transforming not only the way organizations buy software, but the way we’re able to support it.

Software as a service

SaaS lets us stay focused on building features that deliver value for b2b buyers and sellers. For our customers, outsourcing the IT infrastructure required to run b2b2dot0 reduces project complexity and technical resource requirements and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Taking support to the next level

In contrast to the level of post-incident support required to maintain and update b2b 1.0’s device-installed software, our hosted solution dramatically accelerates the time required to diagnose and respond to issues, allows us to monitor your system 24/7, and updates the software automatically when new features are released. What’s more, our web-enabled ability to provide unprecedented pre-incident support means we can detect and resolve a potential problem before it manifests itself to our customers.

You take care of business, we’ll take care of the rest

Traditional b2b projects require companies to either purchase a product and heavily customize it, or to build a custom website from the ground up. These options require organizations to manage all of the project’s IT infrastructure. b2b2dot0 eliminates the complexity, the responsibility, and the associated costs:

  • No web expertise required
  • No staff required to administer and support the application
  • No worries about backups, upgrades, security
  • No hardware or software licenses required

With only a single software application to maintain, the b2b2dot0 technology team is able to focus intently on our customers’ needs and more quickly deliver the new product features and enhancements they request.