Cloud Connect ERP

The Magento Extension that makes real-time order placement from Magento into SAP possible.

CloudConnect ERP is a Magento Integration Extension that enables order placement from your Magento storefront directly into SAP.

That means when your customers click the “Place Order” button, a new order record is immediately created in SAP.

No more double entry.

  • All transactions made through Magento will be created and posted in SAP.
  • Your staff is free from re-creating sales orders, data entry and inventory updates.

Real-time is better.

  • Customers receive immediate order confirmation
  • Orders placed through your online store are immediately communicated with manufacturing & fulfillment through SAP
  • No batch-style delay between what happens online and what’s in SAP

Happy customers.

Batch delays and manual order entries sometimes create bad news for customers.  They thought their order was done, but you have to tell them it’s not.

With real-time order placement in SAP, you can avoid nasty surprises.


Compatible with all versions of Magento and SAP ‘s Business Suite Platform (R3, ECC, All-in-One.)

Catalog Configuration

SAP items can be configured as simple, bundled and grouped products and can be uploaded to the e-Commerce storefront. Product attributes and price differences can be controlled from SAP itself.


  • SAP-based freight calculations
  • SAP-based tax calculations
  • Real-time inventory check
  • Paymetric PCI-compliant payment gateway


Free Trial: Download the CloudConnect ERP Extension for free and start your 30-day trial of our cloud-based service.

Standard Pricing: minimum $2500/month with 1 yr. commitment.

Extension Configuration & Service Setup

CloudConnect ERP requires the following:

  • Magento installed at your web host
  • SAP
  • b2b2dot0 service agreement (for cloud-based web services)

Your 30-day trial of our cloud-based service will be set up with 48-hours of your request.

Demo Video

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Installation Documentation

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