The b2b2dot0 eCommerce solution provides a truly smarter shopping cart, enhancing your customers’ online experience with no compromise to your existing SAP data structure.

Integrating your SAP application’s business rules and data, your b2b sell-side data, and sophisticated eCommerce functionality, b2b2dot0’s eCommerce solution provides your customers with a rich, easy-to-use online purchasing experience. Your b2b storefront translates to the web in an easy-to-understand interface that makes it intuitive for customers to navigate your site, add products to their online shopping carts, and place and track their orders, all the while leveraging your existing SAP investment.

The b2b2dot0 development foundation:
  • Integrate with existing SAP business rules and data
  • Use the existing SAP data to create a customer-friendly, information-rich eCommerce interface
SAP Integrated:
  • Pricing (real-time customer specific pricing)
  • Availability (real-time, incl. plant determination)
  • Material Master (real-time rules, e.g. status, BOMs)
  • Customer Master (real-time rules, e.g. sales partners)
B2B sell-side:
  • User has to be logged in
  • User has assigned a customer number
  • Tabs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shopping Cart