Actionable intelligence

The more you know about your customers’ usage of your eCommerce site, the better able you will be to implement continuous improvements to enhance their ordering experience, maximize utilization, and reduce demands on customer service representatives.

There are three major areas of insight that we provide our clients via our integration with Google Analytics:

1. Visitor traffic – Get answers to the 4″W” questions like:
  • Who is coming to your website (which userid, over what connection speed using which broswer/language/operating system) etc.
  • Where are they coming from (which country/city)
  • When are they coming (what time of day/week/month)
  • What are they doing when they get there (which pages are they looking out, using any of the help files)

The Visitor Traffic screenshot to the left shows visits by city within a period of time.

2. Goals accomplished – this answers the 5th “W” – why did they come
  • We set up each client with 3 goal types. PlaceOrders, StatusChecks and DocumentDownloads. Those are the three major reasons customers come to our website.
  • We assign a numeric (dollar) value associated with accomplishing each goal. These dollar values are basically the dollar equivalents of the time our client’s save when their customers self-service their order management needs. At the end of any time period chosen, we automatically tally up the value of these goals and this is the savings our website has generated our client in that time period.

The Goals Accomplished screenshot to the left shows the values of goals attained on the website. Three interesting things to observe:

  1. 70% of the goals attained in this time period were post “order entry”. Customers tracking their orders or downloading related documents.
  2. Over this time period, over 60% of every site visit accomplished a business goal.
  3. The website has generated close to $60K worth of direct cost savings.
3. eCommerce

We intercept all product and pricing information from the shopping cart en route to the SAP software. In a secure and confidential manner (although not meant to be the system of record…that’s SAP) we can provide a view of what’s been selling on the website….sliced in any of a myriad number of ways…by geography, by product, by value, etc.

The eCommerce screenshot to the left shows a sample analytics page: While our analytics aren’t meant to be the “system of record”…that’s SAP’s job…we can give real time insights into what’s being purchased on the website. Which products are being purchased the most, generating the most revenue etc.