The Technology

Always available.
Safe and secure.
Tightly integrated.

b2b2dot0 is the eCommerce solution that can transition with us as we consolidate and upgrade our SAP landscape

Shelly Peet

Vice President, CIO
Nordson Corporation

b2b2dot0 provides secure, web-based integration with your SAP system. Our solution does not duplicate or permanently store any of your SAP application data or rules.

99.5% uptime guaranteed

Our servers are colocated at Hosted Solutions in Raleigh, NC and feature automatic failover recovery. We establish a secure HTTPS connection with your customers, provide a fully redundant, no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure, and connect with you via a secure virtual private network. Our Service Level Agreement includes a guarantee of 99.5% up time.

Advanced data and systems security

Your data and your internal systems will be protected with best-in-class encryption and security measures. Our solution establishes a dedicated, on-demand turnkey Virtual Private Network (VPN) “tunnel” between our QA and Production environments and your respective SAP systems. This highly secure tunneling technology is powered and protected by enterprise-class hardware provided by Cisco Systems. With the proper resources available to help configure your side of the connection, we can have data flowing between the two systems in just a few hours.

SAP system integration

We use standard SAP application APIs leveraging the Netweaver® infrastructure:

  • SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK
  • Custom remote function calls (RFCs)
  • Support multiple sales areas and order types
  • Approach ensures forward compatibility for SAP application upgrades