Comprehensive e-invoice
integration — with full query and reporting functionality.

The b2b2dot0 e-invoice functions facilitate customer queries, highlight open, overdue or other action items, and improve communication between your customer’s purchasing department and your accounts receivable.

Customizable to accommodate your accounting conventions, routine reports such as invoice tracking, freight charges and credit limits can be shared with the customer from the same data source. Examples include:

Overdue Invoices

As soon as a user logs into the website that are confronted with a list of overdue invoices.  These are invoices that deserve their immediate attention because they are already in arrears.  By clicking on the link, the user is taken to the invoice and can review it or download a copy of it for their records.

Open Items

This is a view of all of a customer’s unpaid invoices including those that are pending as well as the overdue invoices.  They are also given insight into when their last payment was posted to your SAP system and who they should call in case of any questions.

Search for Invoices

Specific invoices can be tracked down if your customer knows date ranges, their purchase order number, a specific item that they ordered, or either your sales order number of invoice number.  Once they find the invoice of interest, they can download a pdf, reprint it or even email you with any questions they may have.