For Accounting

Seamless data integration.
No more transaction reposting.
Online invoice payments.

Buyers can see real-time account status data from SAP — including credit limit, terms and account balance. Buyers can also drill into full invoice details for more information and pay their invoices online.

Integrating your eCommerce site with your SAP system makes real-time data available to your customers anytime — re-enforcing your business rules and eliminating entry errors.

View invoices online

Your customers’ accounts payable team will be able to review open items and inquire about changes. Purchasers can also view and rectify past due invoices prior to placing new orders.

Our system also helps eliminate late payments by providing your customers with instant, web-based access to their invoicing data.

Accept payments online

Are you wondering how to reduce the number of days in receivables? Would your customers like to take advantage of discounts when they pay sooner?  Make it so with b2b2dot0’s WebAR.

WebAR enables your customers to pay for their Open Items and apply discounts in real-time via eChecks or credit cards.

Benefits of WebAR

  • Provides remote access to account information and balances
  • Improves collection process, and reduces open invoices
  • Cuts down order-to-cash cycle and DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Reduces paper cost and waste
  • Reduces processing time and overhead costs
  • Accepts credit card payments on the phone, reducing dunning calls
  • Increases customer satisfaction
Reduce routine follow-up

By giving your customers self-service capabilities, you can reduce the amount of time your accounting department spends researching and providing answers to their invoicing questions.