A real-time eCommerce solution.
Saas reduces your cost, labor and risk.
More value for you and your customers.

b2b2dot0 is the eCommerce solution that can transition with us as we consolidate and upgrade our SAP landscape.

Shelly Peet

Vice President, CIO
Nordson Corp

The b2b2dot0 eCommerce solution extends your SAP solution and real-time data to the online ordering process, giving your online customers accurate, real time, and personalized information about pricing and product availability.

A better ordering experience for them — a less costly process for you

Integrating your SAP sell-side system with your shopping cart improves your customer’s online ordering experience and dramatically reduces your order management costs.

b2b2dot0 helps companies improve the online buying process.

Key features include:
  • SAP Software Integration — Extends SAP software business rules (rules managing products, pricing, order types, partners and more) to a secure, online web site for your customers and channel partners.
  • SAP Versions 
    • SAP ECC
    • SAP R3
    • SAP All-in-One
  • Real-Time Data — Ensures buyers have access to accurate information such as product pricing, availability, and order status.
  • Online Ordering — Provides buyers with easy-to-use, web-based interface for placing orders. Whether buyers are casual users or power users of your ordering system, we have tools to help them buy quickly and easily.
  • Order Visibility — Gives buyers and your employees real-time visibility into product availability, shipping, and payment information.
  • Document Access — Online access to key documents such as order acknowledgements, bills of lading, MSDS sheets, invoices and more.
  • Ordering Analytics — Understand how your customers are using your web-based ordering system with detailed web analytics.
  • Sophisticated System Administration Tools — Easy-to-use administration tools help your employees and customers manage users, set preferences and more.
  • e-Invoices — Let your customers reprint their own invoices and see exactly what invoices they have outstanding.
  • Actionable Intelligence — We use Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, issue reports, server logs, and other sources of website usage data to continually monitor your eCommerce site for information regarding web traffic, business intelligence, customer satisfaction, defects, etc. We give you information you can use to implement process improvements to enhance the user experience and maximize order management efficiency.
Sample Intelligence includes:
  • Ratio of logins to completed goals
  • What browsers are being used?
  • Which screen resolutions?
  • What training material gets viewed most often?
  • Application savings analysis lets you see how much the b2b2dot0 solution is saving you.