SAP-Magento Integration Tutorials

SAP-magento-integration-sales-promotionsPromotions & Coupons in an
SAP-integrated Magento B2B eCommerce site


Recently Forrester Research identified the key trends for B2B eCommerce, and guess what was number one?  A growing demand for B2C-like experiences on B2B sites.

So, we asked ourselves, what’s more B2C than promotion codes, coupons and discounts?

But, we realize that figuring out how to configure those promotions is not always obvious.  That’s why we’re launching a series of videos and tutorial documents that will show you how to manage promotions on SAP-integrated Magento eCommerce sites.

In this series, we will be covering various configuration methods, including:

  • SAP-configured promotional offers
  • Magento-configured promotions
  • Blended solutions, where part of the promotion
    is managed in SAP and other parts are managed in Magento

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