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Special attention for platinum customers

How do you ensure that your best customers get immediate attention if they have problems with a web-based order?

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The Challenge

Web-based ordering gives people the information they need, when they need it.  But what happens when something goes wrong?

If one of your platinum customers has a situation that prevents automatic order processing  — like a credit limit issue — you want to know about it immediately.  It’s not enough to display a cold, automated error message and log a trouble ticket in the queue behind everyone else.

That was the challenge presented to us by Drive Medical — one of the fastest growing global manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment.

The Design Constraints

  • SAP ECC 6

Business Requirements

If a problem occurred with an online order from a top-tier customer, Drive Medical wanted a person, not a computer, to  address the issue.  This way Drive would have the opportunity find a solution and show special attention to their most valued customers.

What We did

  • Created a filter to flag problematic orders from platinum customers
  • Captured the order information and the issue that prevented “hands-free” processing
  • Generated an email alert to a special email address that is staffed just for this purpose

The Results

  • Improved customer service response rates for platinum level customers
  • Increased revenue by enabling quicker intervention on problem orders
  • Improved customer satisfaction — with the most important customers


Have it your way

Unlike many other SaaS offerings, with b2b2dot0, you’re not stuck with a pre-set list of configurations. Our solution is architected so that SAP integration configurations can be specific to your B2B eCommerce site.


Contact us for more information about our core SAP eCommerce integration offering and how it can be customized to your needs.