What Makes a Great Company?

Written November 14th, 2013 by
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The mark of a great company isn’t how big they are, how many people they employ or how much money they’ve raised.  Nor is the mark of a great company the sheer number of clients they have, how much revenue they generate or how much profit they make.  Although if I had to lean in any one direction I’d say revenue and profits are pretty important. 🙂

I believe the mark of a great company is how they deal with adversity.

Great companies look at adversity as a worthy opponent to do battle with.  Dealing with adversity is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to eventually prosper from.  Engaging our challenges always deposits us in a different place from where we started and, if we maintain the right mindset, in a better place at that.  A more enlightened place.  A stronger place.  A place of shared experience, personal growth and life wisdom.

To be sure we’ve all had our fair share of challenges at b2b2dot0.  We’ve had financial challenges.  We’ve had personnel challenges.  We’ve had technical challenges.  We’ve dealt with crazy clients and unfair competition.  We’ve met and grown from each of these and we’re all here stronger, wiser and ready for the next challenge.

I don’t go looking for adversity, but when it shows up on my doorstep, I invite it in.

Welcome to my world adversity.  I thank you for the opportunities you are about to afford me.