We’re LIVE!

Written October 5th, 2008 by
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Actually, our first production order was processed on September 8, 2008. That's 229 days after the official incorporation of b2b2dot0, Inc on January 28, 2008.

To be fair, there were at least 6 months of prototype building, business planning and market vetting that preceded the formal launch of the company. Nevertheless, to go from opening our business checking account in January to signing our first multi-year contract, cashing our first revenue check and delivering on the promise of a hosted sellside SAP integrated eCommerce website in 229 days is an accomplishment we're very proud of!

Of course the deck was stacked in our favor 🙂 We've been at the business of building and supporting SAP eCommerce websites for almost 10 years now. In addition, I've been teaching my consulting clients how to launch products and enter markets in an accelerated fashion for over 7 years.

So we're not surprised by our success, but we can't help but be excited and motivated by it.

Today we have Nordson EFD customers placing and tracking orders on a daily basis from: China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea & Brazil.

Next month we spread our service throughout EFD's European customers.

Lastly, the drought of TheAgileStartup postings is officially over as well 🙂