The Perfect Storm for IT Outsourcing

Written February 4th, 2009 by
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There is a silver lining in the dark economic clouds that are hovering over head…at least from our perspective at b2b2dot0.  Bruce Culbert, iSymmetry’s CEO, authored a great article entitled “The Perfect Storm for IT Outsourcing” which does a wonderful job articulating why the economy is catching up to b2b2dot0’s business model and strategy.

Bruce (who I left a message for yesterday and I hope that he calls me back) starts out his article by boldly  professing that:

“Today’s market has all the right ingredients to launch the next wave of
IT outsourcing and this time everyone is in. Not just the big guys with
their cost accountants and offshore operations, but every business,
large and small.

So far so good.

He begins his case by stating the obvious:

“There is tremendous downward pressure on every budget item including
IT. Capital expenditures and headcount dedicated to new initiatives are
hard to come by in today’s environment of tight credit and lower
earnings expectations. Still, the need and opportunity for IT in every
business continues to exist.”

Which leads him to remind us that (as if we needed reminding):

“Strategic use of IT still represents one of the best opportunities for
competitive differentiation, but it is increasingly difficult to
maintain a level of expertise across all of the broad opportunities and
skills in IT.”

And then he pens two paragraphs that I swear he wrote just for me! (that’s why I want to speak to him… to tell him how much I appreciated the personal message):

“I am currently seeing a growing number of businesses seeking to better
leverage their already sunk investments in enterprise systems such as
SAP and Siebel.

They are willing to invest in extensions or upgrades of these
systems if it can take costs out of their operations and/or help them
acquire, grow and retain more customers now. The strategy is to create
separate IT projects with a clear ROI and timelines.”

Bruce!  That’s us!  You’re talking about us!  That’s what we do!  I wrote about that last October on this very Blog.

Bruce finishes his article with the very same challenge I offer, only I’m glad that someone else is voicing it 🙂

“The ability to access the latest IT solutions and to be able to
outsource both platform and people on a pay as you go model is not only
attractive but necessary in today’s business climate.

The question that looms today is not whether or not you are going
to outsource IT but how you will leverage IT outsourcing to survive,
stay competitive and thrive.”

Thanks Bruce.  Please call me.