b2b2dot0’s SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce Webshops are great for business!

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Is there a direct correlation between providing our SAP Integrated Webshop to your customers and the performance of your company?  Well, I’ve always felt that there was and now there is corroborating evidence.

According to Zack’s Investment Research the number 1 company in the Industrial Machinery Industry, as measured by Return on Equity (ROE), is our very own Blount International, Inc.!

Zack’s elaborates that:

“The ROE is a general indication of the company’s efficiency; Investors usually look for companies with ROEs that are high and are growing.”

Not only was Blount ranked #1, but its 162% ROE was 3.4 times greater than the #2 company on the list, Graco!

Frankly, I’m not all that surprised because since we first went live with Blount in the US in March of 2009, they’ve continued to invest in their eCommerce efforts by rolling out sites for the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Japan and The Netherlands.  They’ve also integrated in catalogs and product selector guides as well as added support for reporting shipping errors and self-service for retrieving international shipping documents.  Soon, Blount’s customers will even be able to pay their invoices online!

Blount really understands that there is a real win-win in providing real time information to their customers via our SAP Integrated B2B webshop.  Not only do customers appreciate the 24×7 support and visibility into their business relationship with Blount, but Blount saves money in the process…hence the high ROE!  In fact, last month alone, Blount’s customers registered close to 6000 business goals accomplished by their customers… without the intervention of a single one of Blount’s employees for those routine transactions.

That’s 6000 cost saving win-win business events every month!

Any idea who was ranked the #4 highest ROE in the Industrial Machinery Industry?

I’ll spare you the click to go back to the Zack’s report…it was Nordson, Inc.!  That’s right, b2b2dot0’s first customer and the winner of the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2009 , our very own Nordson, Inc.

Coincidence?  I think not.

We’re proud to be the eCommerce supplier of choice for such thought leading, and world class executing, manufacturers.

Our congratulations go out to Barry Brunetto of Blount and Shelley Peat of Nordson.  You guys rock!