b2b2dot0 SaaS Availability – June 2010

Written July 7th, 2010 by
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June not only produced record breaking temperatures here in Raleigh, North Carolina but it also produced a record breaking month for our data center!  As you can see from the following chart, we registered an historical high of 99.934% availability for b2b2dot0's service.

What that means is that out of a total possible 43,200 available minutes, we were available to our clients, and their customers, for 43,171.49 minutes (or we were down 28.51 minutes).

We've analyzed the cause of those 28.51 minutes of unavailability and have determined that a portion of that time is an artifact of how we monitor SAP's availability.  As a result we have adjusted both the sensitivity of our monitoring tool and response procedures and should see an additional 25% improvement in our availability numbers…all other outage causes remaining equal.

I guess the old adage of you "can't manage what you don't measure" is true.