eCommerce Transaction Volume

Months ago we read a prediction from Forrester Research that said B2B eCommerce revenues would double those of B2C eCommerce in 2013. So that got us thinking – across all of our customers what does our processed revenue look like?

We’ve been running these reports ever since. Now, every quarter, we publish a new graphic detailing what kind of data passes through our SAP-integrated eCommerce solution.

Here’s what we found in the second quarter 2013:

  • We processed $147 Million dollars in revenue (for a total of $326 million dollars this year) through our clients’ B2B eCommerce sites
  • Total Orders Placed on our clients’ sites came to 71 thousand (129K year to date)
  • Real-time SAP interactions (between our clients’ SAP systems and their B2B eCommerce sites) came to 2.6 Million (4.8 Million year to date)
  • Our b2b eCommerce sites are in 131 Countries, 15 Languages, and 8 Currencies

When our clients give their B2B customers the ability to self-serve routine transactions online, they improve customer service and save money on staffing and overhead.  In fact, to calculate the real ROI of a B2B eCommerce, overhead savings and efficiencies gained have to be part of the equation.

Stay tuned to this page for more quarterly updates on our perspective of Forrester’s prediction on B2B verses B2C eCommerce volume.

2013 Quarterly Updates